Corporate History

1981 Call for the Formation of the National Union of Communities Against Discrimination (7 Organizations)
1984 Joint Co-organized tournament (Osaka) (national convention held every year since then)
Government negotiations (Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Health and Welfare) started
1985 National Caravan Activities (1st)
1986 Marathon talk started (held nationwide thereafter)
1987 Temporary suspension of government negotiations (resumed from the following year)
1988 Formed a joint partnership (Osaka)
1990 Survey on the actual condition of the work place in the form of an office
(Research commissioned by the Ministry of Labor and the Employment Promotion Association for persons with disabilities)
1992 Tomonie (2nd Business Association) formed (Osaka)
1993 Institute for the creation of co-working workplaces
The 10th KYODOREN Conference (Osaka)
Ministry of Construction (now Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) start negotiations
Hello labor consultation started
1995 Korea International Exchange For Persons with Disabilities (Seoul, South Korea)
Participated in a national meeting on disability policy studies (held annually thereafter)
1996 The 2nd Japan-Korea International Convention for Persons with Disabilities (Nagoya)
Shiga tackles the issue of mentaldisability discrimination and abuse in Wakayama
1997 Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) startnegotiations
Addressing the Issue of Discrimination at Tokyo International Youth Hotels
1999 The 5th Japan-Korea International Convention for Persons with Disabilities (Osaka)
2000 The 17th KYODOREN national cconvention (Minamata)
2001 Invited representatives of social cooperatives from Italy to the 18th KYODOREN national Conference (Nagoya)
Established “KYODOREN”, a non-profit organization.
The first symposium was held with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (negotiations with the government have ended)
2002 The 1st General Meeting of the Labor Research Group for Persons with Disabilities (Tokyo)
The 7th Japan-Korea International Convention for Persons with Disabilities (Tokyo)
First visit to the Italian Social Cooperative
2003 The 20th KYODOREN national convention (Osaka) Invited representatives of social cooperatives in Rome from Italy
2004 Survey on Labor For Persons with Disabilities in Korea (1st)
The 1st Asian International Conference for Persons with Disabilities (Manila, Philippines)
Held a national conference to open up the future of employment for people with disabilities
2005 “Les Amis” Issue 100 Commemorative Issue Issue
Advocating the creation of social workplaces
The 22nd KYODOREN national conference (Shiga)
Shiga Prefectural Social Workplaces System begins
2006 Started a joint project for people with disabilities in Sapporo City.
The 23rd KYODOREN national conference (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Exchange visits from Vietnam (Shiga, Osaka)
2007 The 2nd Asian International Conference for Persons with Disabilities (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Learning about The Korean Social Enterprise Development Method
2008 Minoh City to strengthen the existence of a disability business system
The 25th KYODOREN national conference (Minoh, Osaka)
2009 26th Anniversary Conference (Nagoya City, Aichi)
The 1st Japan-Korea Social Enterprise Seminar (Seoul, South Korea)
2010 The 27th KYODOREN National Convention in Sendai
The 3rd Asian International Exchange Conference (Jilin Province, China)
2011 The 28th KYODOREN National Convention in Tokyo
The 3rd Japan-Korea Social Enterprise Seminar (Seoul)
2012 The 29th KYODOREN National Convention in Tokyo
The 4th Japan-Korea Social Enterprise Seminar (Tokyo)
2013 The 30th annivarsary National Convention Niigata Convention
2014 The 31st KYODOREN National Convention
The 5th Japan-Korea Social Enterprise Seminar
2015 The 32nd KYODOREN National Convention in Hokkaido
2016 The 33rd KYODOREN National Convention osaka tournament
2017 The 34th KYODOREN national Convention in Shiga
2018 The 35th KYODOREN national Convention in Mongolia